11 Nov 2011

The crystal mission

For three weeks the Siskos have been connecting with two individual and special rock crystals. Every morning we have held them in our hands and hearts, loading them with love and our heartbeat. This Tuesday it was time to depart from the crystals and take them to the Sea of Japan, where they now continue to emanate love and help purify the waters around Japan and the whole world.

This crystal mission was initiated by a Native American shaman who asked his apprentice in Germany to spread the message. Our stones are part of the family of five unique rock crystals. The other three stones will soon be taken to the Baltic Sea by our friends in Germany.

If you would like to take part in this purifying mission for the sake of our universal waters, please find a special rock crystal, load it with love for about three weeks and then take it to an open sea, a free flowing river or a big lake.


  1. hallo ihr zwei meerjungfrauen, das ist einfach schön. da möchte man der kleine fisch sein, der den kristall findet.
    viele liebe grüsse aus berlin, das auch ein bisschen kristall-energie gebrauchen könnte

  2. Oih miten kauniita kuvia! Kuva jossa kristalli lentää veteen on ihmeellinen.