5 Nov 2011

Bamboo grove

Every other day we enter the bamboo grove behind our studio. The path up to the mountain goes through it as well. Being inside the grove makes us very alert and awake. The greenish blueish light and the cool air tones the body and clears the mind. We notice that we are constantly drawn there. Maybe it is the feeling of mystery as the wind plays around the bamboos making their stems creek as they bend towards each other, the leaves rustle and our voices echo between.

As you can see, the grove has inspired us to experiment with our fleeting forms as energy amidst the bamboos. We have also recorded the specific acoustic environment and improvised voice into it. Sometimes our voices resemble the sound of a bamboo flute, sometimes they crack and squeak like old and forgotten forest ghosts.


  1. The strangest forest we have ever been to, or walked in.
    I wish you could hear how it sounds there when to wind catches the branches high above our heads.