29 Oct 2011

Night out at Yamaguchi city

We start slowly, soaking our feet in a hot mineral bath founded by shiroi kitsune, the white fox. Inside a restaurant serving Okinawan food, ten women  are gathering together to celebrate friendship, birthdays and vitalizing their senses.
Drink dassai, the pure abundance which makes you clear, happy and flowing! 
Eat giant grilled garlic, raw ginger and get energized!
After five hours go thanking the shiroi kitsune for all her gifts!

27 Oct 2011

Iki: breath, life, simplicity, spontaneity...

In a bright sunny day we are invited to Yamanaka-san's old house. We are asked to enter the central tatami room of this fine home. Inside, with gracious ease three members of the Iki iki ladies -choir treet us with selfmade delicacies which taste of harmony and joy of living.
The time we spend with them in this precious space stays lingering in us; we just experienced something uniquely valuable and in our tongue we have the taste of iki.

In the mood of iki our host Yamanaka-san takes us to the other side of Schuho-cho village to meet another three ladies who practice haiku and calligraphy. During this spontaneous visit Aura is given a brush and ink and is guided to express her love to susuki, a japanese grass which she has been photographing passionately this week. Aura handles the brush with such realxed accuracy that the old ladies applaud approvingly.

24 Oct 2011

25.10. Happy birthday Sisko!

Paljon onnea! Tanjoobi o omedetoo Sisko-chan!
A very special day. Many years have passed since we celebrated her birthday together. We plan to make another climb to our mountain then dance and sing in the bamboo forest. In the evening we have invited friends to eat a pile of crêpes, served with Finnish blueberry jam and green tea ice cream.

Crab Lounge

We are now residing in the armpit of the lush mountains outside Yamaguchi city.
If you go hiking up to our mountain, you can meditate on the soft green waves of the horizon.
Or you can sing out loud!

Our architectural playground down in the armpit is a monumental complex
of echoing spaces and moss-covered terraces. Our favourite place is the Crab Lounge where we hang out happily in its belly. The fellow crabs inhabit the path to the mountain and are looking annoyed at our passing.

22 Oct 2011


When we wander in wondrous places, our being catches momentous markings.
Our focus shifts and makes connections, discovering spontaneous meanings.

Why does a fox need a napkin? Are bambies that dangerous?
Are we actually waiting for a wagon for women?

18 Oct 2011


Showing respect for places.
Connecting with the a tree and breathing with stones.
Feeling awe in front of something so big and vaste it makes the body expand with gratitude.
Shaking the bell to call the gods of forests and seas. Just to say that we are all here.

17 Oct 2011

Moritei House no monogatari Part 2

Heini gave an amazing workshop in a special house to twenty Japanese theatre people.
The house was like from an old film with its sliding doors and hidden gardens.
While training we could hear the gongs from the temples next door. Magical.

And magical was the experience of working and training with these people; such warmth and friendlyness I have rarely met. And it was beautiful to see how Heini connected with them all, and how very respected she is here. I was proud to be her sister.
Photos below will tell you more than I can ever describe with words.
Thank you Heini, thank you Moritei House and thank you all you beautiful people.

15 Oct 2011

Moritei House no monogatari Part 1

In Moritei House, our Japanese friends think Heini is a fairy. 
They came from near and far, and together we are moving in sound.

14 Oct 2011


Tsuru, nagaiki, mori, midori, kasa... A crane is fishing longevity, we melt into the Kyoto green. A pink mushroom in the rain.