27 Oct 2011

Iki: breath, life, simplicity, spontaneity...

In a bright sunny day we are invited to Yamanaka-san's old house. We are asked to enter the central tatami room of this fine home. Inside, with gracious ease three members of the Iki iki ladies -choir treet us with selfmade delicacies which taste of harmony and joy of living.
The time we spend with them in this precious space stays lingering in us; we just experienced something uniquely valuable and in our tongue we have the taste of iki.

In the mood of iki our host Yamanaka-san takes us to the other side of Schuho-cho village to meet another three ladies who practice haiku and calligraphy. During this spontaneous visit Aura is given a brush and ink and is guided to express her love to susuki, a japanese grass which she has been photographing passionately this week. Aura handles the brush with such realxed accuracy that the old ladies applaud approvingly.

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