22 Oct 2011


When we wander in wondrous places, our being catches momentous markings.
Our focus shifts and makes connections, discovering spontaneous meanings.

Why does a fox need a napkin? Are bambies that dangerous?
Are we actually waiting for a wagon for women?


  1. Niksu & Nana25 October 2011 at 04:39

    Could the foxes be dogs? Are they guarding the place? I think Nana would like to have a red napkin like that.

  2. Niksu&Nana, the Inari God takes different forms here on earth, and a fox is one of them, but we also saw them as dogs, too. You two would have liked the Inari Mountain, full of these foxy dogs each wearing a napkin! Nana must get one...Oh, by the way, nana means the number seven in japanese.
    Kiss kiss

  3. Niksu & Nana25 October 2011 at 07:11

    Yes, we already knew Nana is number 7! Nana has got a little japanese fox hidden in her fur. She told me she is often wearing a red napkin but it's invisible to humans.